Beeswax Facts

Have you ever wondered why beeswax is so special? Or have you wondered why beeswax candles are more expensive that paraffin candles?

According to Wikipedia:

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees of the genus Apis. Beeswax is produced by young worker bees between 12 and 17 days old in the form of thin scales secreted by glands on the ventral surface of the abdomen.

Western honey bees use the beeswax to build honeycomb cells in which their young are raised and honey and pollen are stored. To produce their wax, bees must consume about eight times as much honey by mass. It is estimated that bees fly 150,000 miles to yield one pound of beeswax (530,000 km/kg). When beekeepers extract the honey, they cut off the wax caps from each honeycomb cell with an uncapping knife or machine. Its color varies from nearly white to brownish, but most often a shade of yellow, depending on purity and the type of flowers gathered by the bees.

Why Beeswax Is Better For You (And The Planet) Than Paraffin

95% of all candles sold are made from paraffin wax.

Paraffin is a by-product from petroleum refineries. It is sold cheaply by the petroleum refineries because they would otherwise have to pay to dispose of it. To make this waxy sludge more acceptable it is bleached (which creates dioxins), processed and then texturised using carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals (and the whole process creates air pollution). Candle makers then take this bleached, toxic wax, and colour it with synthetic colourants and artificial scents, form them into candles and sell them to you to burn in your living room.

Burning paraffin candles produces the same toxic smoke as burning diesel fuel. The toxic smoke from the paraffin candles covers your walls, furniture, carpet and curtains, not to mention the inside of your lungs and your skin.


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