Ready to ship!

We’re ready to take your orders! Please keep in mind that we’re a small start-up, so there may take as a week or two to get your candles out to you. We’ll be making each candle by hand in our kitchen, so it’s a slow, loving process. All of our candles are 100% Australian beeswax. If you want to know more about beeswax, how it’s made and why it’s superior to paraffin wax, read our “Beeswax Facts” page. If you’d like to go ahead and order some KCC candles, go to our Order Page.


7 Responses

  1. Nice one, guys!

    Next you need to come up with some fancy packaging and print up some inserts to go with the candles.

    And for the Yanks, you better include the standard disclaimer about not leaving burning candles unattended, and not putting the lid on the container while the candles is still burning, etc… 😉

    Have you thought about adding natural scents? Oils to the wax?

  2. .. don’t eat candles, don’t stick a burning candle in your eye or touch it to your genitals… yeah we better write one of those up. As for scents, we’re talking about it. Personally I think scents always suck. I’ve never had a scented candle that didn’t smell cheesy. Also I think they are fairly toxic and add to soot in the house. But that’s just a personal opinion. My board and I need to discuss it at your next board meeting. 🙂

  3. I think “candle wax” scented candles would be excellent. I think it’s pretty easy to do too… 😉

    Also, I always wanted a “tomato” or “spinach” scented candle… but that’s just me.

  4. Yeah… you know how people are, if you don’t spell things out for them then they’ll try and sue you…

    “Don’t use toaster in bathtub.” Who woulda thought?!

    Beeswax has a bit of a scent when burning, but I dunno why I would want a candle burning unless either had no electricity or I wanted to get a scent from it… or maybe I had a chick over, and…nevermind.

    Next… Marmite candles!

  5. Keep up the good work Kids. I was like you one day too – with my mown egg farm.


  6. Is there any reason why the wicks are so long?

    Also – can we have a vegemite scented one in the vegemite jar? (only joking)

  7. The wicks are long because… we haven’t cut them and our dad made them too long. 🙂 We’ll make them shorter next time! And we’ll consider your vegemite request for future R&D. 🙂

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