Making Our First Batch of Candles

Today we made our first batch of candles! It had mixed results – one of them worked pretty well and we learned some good lessons. Here’s a video of our experience!


9 Responses

  1. Hey guys,

    I like the idea of the Vegemite candle. You should maybe think of other things that you can’t usually find in North America that are common in Australia and see if you can make candles out of those.

    Have you thought of putting other things IN the candles or around the outside of the candles? Like rolling the candle in Australian red sand while it’s still warm so the outside of the candle is coated?

    Keep up the good work!
    –Herne from Canada

  2. LOL… “Australian red sand”. You’ve been watching to much Crocodile Dundee mate. Next you’ll suggest we should roll it on the back of our pet kanga.

  3. Kanga? I thought maybe you had a wallaby?

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  5. The Vegemite bottle one with the cap would be great for camping for example. The cap would keep the wick dry!

    I so want a Vegemite one!

  6. Hello great kids, I am proud of you. You are a wonder and we will celebrate you in Nigeria and Africa. I love you and encourage you to continue getting better very second. You are the best success story. You are indeed a blessing, to your parent and country. You are now a global Example. Cheers great kid. Dayo from Abuja, Nigeria.

  7. Hello great kids,

    I am proud of you. i read your great success story on website. We will let people in Nigeria and rest of Africa know about business orientation. You are great. keep getting better by the day. You are an example of Global Sucess Story. Dayo from Abuja, Nigeria.

  8. Guys, here’s some customer feedback (very important when starting a business):

    Bob and I burned one of your candles last night and they are excellent! It burned for about five hours before we put it out, and it didn’t drip, and burned really strong and bright!

    It looks like it still has a lot of life left in it too, so we will keep lighting it every night.

    Well done, we are very impressed!

    Aunty Nita

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