What we are doing in this business

Well in this business we are going to sell some over the Internet with the help of TPN, my Dad’s business. You can find it here:


And we are also  going to sell some, we think, at the  Jan Powers Market.

We are going to give some money to charity (to help poor people).

The business keeps some of the money and Hunter and I keep the rest.


3 Responses

  1. Greetings from Canada again.

    I hope you have some thoughts on International sales… And maybe you should get your dad to help you set up a PayPal account to go with the business. Businesses need money too!

  2. Hey kids

    Awesome work – reminds me of a young enterprise company I was in at school – good fun, and you learn a lot.

    Which charities are you donating too. People might want to know this. I like to give to charity, but there are a lot of them and there are certain charities that I would not like to see my money indirectly going to.

    (Hunter – I met you at the Barcamp Brisbane – I was the one bossing people about!)

  3. Steve, we’ve been talking about it and we think we’ll start with Kiva.org.

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