how I wanted to rock and roll

Well I wanted to get more pocket money and give some money to poor people.

Why am I doing this? I am doing it on my laptop that I got for $250 (Dad paid the other half).

I’m giving a quarter of my money to the business, a quarter of it the poor people, and a quarter of it to Taylor and a quarter of it to myself.

Thank you for reading this. Please reply. From Hunter.



11 Responses

  1. Good Stuff Guys – 🙂 I’m soon going to follow you guys… with yr venture.. ..

  2. Hey, you two little entrepreneurs! How exciting! You will have to let me know when you have some product to check out, I want to be your first customer! (Well, maybe your third, after Mummy and Daddy.)

    What’s even more exciting is that I have just started my own company too! I’m making designer yoga mats with my friend Kate, and we just got our Victorian Business Name certificate in the mail last week, so now the name ‘Yogart’ is all ours!

    Now we’re all new business buddies!

    I’m very proud of you both.


    Aunty Nita

  3. Hey Taylor, you rule!! I wish someone would pay for half of my laptop…can you ask your dad?

    I have a business too, selling rare stamps, but it’s only a baby business as it takes a lot of money to buy the stamps in the first place! Maybe we can have business seminars?

  4. HEY guys how about you both come together. Aunty nita you can order on line! B-) from hunter

  5. Hi Hunter,
    Congratulations on your first Business adventure.
    I am also on my first Business adventure and I always like helping people learn the art of Reborning, I am so glad to hear you are willing to help others in times of need and think you will grow up to be a very well respected business man.

    I look forward to your creations in the wax industry.
    Best wishes,
    Nikki Holland

  6. Hi Hunter,
    Best of luck with your business venture with Taylor,
    I also like to “rock and roll” I play guitar and write and record my own music. Do you play any musical instrument’s?
    You are very kind for thinking of others in need before yourself.
    I also started my own business just recently and I really enjoy working for myself.

    I look forward to more blog posts and seeing your wax business grow..
    From Tim Ware.

  7. Good luck with your new venture. I’ll be interestedly watching your progress & maybe helping it along with a purchase.
    Love Gran Jan.

  8. Maybe you can use the money for Halo 3 lessons… from me…?

    Good luck!


  9. hi dude you rock

  10. Wow guys I am totally impressed!

    Thanks for the birthday email. I spent the afternoon reading all about your new business adventure. I have been in business myself and it certainly is hard work., but with persistence both of you will be very successful.

    I will definately be keeping an eye on your progress.

    Remember there is no I in TEAM, so if you work together you will double your success! Always make sure you have heaps of fun along the way though!!!

    Cheers Miss H

  11. Boys, I am Super Impressed with your company. Well done! Your video on YouTube is great too!

    Well done, i hope you guys make a million!

    Good luck!

    Ps. Black candles are all the rage! Could be a new range??

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