From little things, big things grow

Over the last year or so, my kids (Hunter and Taylor, identical twins, now aged 7) have been talking on and off about starting their own business.

It started when they told me they had been taking old Lego parts to school and selling them for a dollar to kids in the playground.

After they each saved up their small pocket money allowances over two years to buy individual laptops (something they achieved earlier this year), we’ve been talking about bigger goals.

As a parent (and entrepreneur), I’ve encouraged their interest in starting a business because I think you’re never too young to learn the basics about how to get something off the ground. I’ve also learned that creating something from scratch is not only an unparalleled learning experience, it also does wonders for your self-esteem. And we all know kids today need as much self-esteem as possible.

About a week ago I was out with Taylor and we visited a Mac store in Brisbane. He spotted the iMacs and decided he wanted one. As they cost $1500, we started talking about how long it would take him to save his $7 a week pocket money to achieve the new goal. I suggested we resume the thinking about starting a business and he was enthusiastic. His twin brother Hunter also got excited about it.

We’ve discussed a lot of ideas over the last year, including starting their own podcast (they have been appearing on my show since they were five), a lemonade stand, comics distribution, but we have decided on something simpler.

So, after a few days of discussion, business planning and logo design, we are proud to announce the forthcoming launch of …


The kids will be blogging their progress here over the next few months.

I expect they’ll write their first blogs posts later this afternoon… when they’ve finished playing HALO. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Excellent!
    I’m very interested to hear from Hunter and Taylor about how they go about the business.

    All the best guys! 😀

  2. Or from big things little things grow 😉

    Hunter and Taylor – I’m really impressed that you have got this far – the world is full of people with great ideas who never take any steps to make them real. Good luck with the Kids Candle Company.

    Rock on!

  3. Ah…If only my early entrepreneurship (is that a word?) had not been nipped in the bud by my mother!! Who knows where I could have been today !!! I think I was about seven when a young friend & I decided to pool our resources of old unwanted toys, wrap them, put them in a box & go door to door round our neighbourhood & sell “lucky dips” to the kids in the block. It was a huge success & we made a killing until Mum found out & took me round every house & made me give all the money back & also let the kids keep the toys!!!!Damn!! The thing was, everyone was happy with the original deal except my Mum.

  4. Impressive guys….
    I have two kids myself, and both are now more or less grownups 28 and 17 years old (girl and boy), and I really miss having little ones.
    Non of my kids ever got a business going for themselves.. guess they’re more like their dad (never a great business man :-), more artists than entrepreneurs.
    So I am very impressed with Hunter and Taylor.
    Give us a hint as soon as we can buy these great handcrafted candles online (I live in Norway…quit a stretch to walk…for candles anyway 🙂

    Good luck to you and save me one, I’m buying…


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