Working For The Month

We still are trying to sell candles and remember  we’re selling them on etsy. We have candles all ready to go. These  candles last  for lots of hours.  We hope we get some more orders. We will ship them anywhere and if you live near everton park, stafford, milton, or any were near us (North Brisbane) we will bring them to you.



Right now we are really needing people to start buying our candles.

We are ready to sell the candles too. If you live in everton park we will deliver them to you we just need your  address just call  0400455334 and say your name and say what type of candle you want  then we will send the candle with in 2 weeks.  buy them at etsy as well at this website     Etsy click on this and you can by our candles there as well.

What We Have Been Doing Over The Past Week

Over the past week we have bought five kg of beeswax and we have made five candles out of one kg and four kg out of one kg as well we  have got three kilograms of beeswax left over to make more candles the prices of the candles are $8, $10 and $15. We have lot of candles to make. 🙂

We were in the Sydney Morning Herald and we will be in the newspaper next month again.

by hbomb2000and tbone200

Kids Candle Company written up in the Sydney Morning Herald

Valerie Khoo was nice enough to write a lovely article about KCC in the Enteprise Blog for the Sydney Morning Herald today! Check it out!

Ready to ship!

We’re ready to take your orders! Please keep in mind that we’re a small start-up, so there may take as a week or two to get your candles out to you. We’ll be making each candle by hand in our kitchen, so it’s a slow, loving process. All of our candles are 100% Australian beeswax. If you want to know more about beeswax, how it’s made and why it’s superior to paraffin wax, read our “Beeswax Facts” page. If you’d like to go ahead and order some KCC candles, go to our Order Page.

Making Our First Batch of Candles

Today we made our first batch of candles! It had mixed results – one of them worked pretty well and we learned some good lessons. Here’s a video of our experience!

How to be doing well

here are some things to build up a business!

1. Like you start off with for example $40 and save it so you have $540 so you are saving five hundred.

2. I think you should keep it so you are like upgrading like in age of empires.

3. I think you should always keep your money in the bank. You can get money with out doing anything.